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How do I watch SPEED2?

How do I watch SPEED2?  Every Speed to link redirects to login (AGAIN) then drops me on the cox online homepage.

I've got Cox Essential package.  Can watch Speed on TV.  How do I access it online?  I've spent hours going in circle from all the links redirecting in circles.  Ridiculous.

  • Hi Georgia,

    I was able to access Speed 2 online with these steps: 

    1. Go to An automatic pop-up box from will load that says "Welcome to Speed 2... ... ... Get it now."
    2. Click on "Get it now." 
    3. Choose Cox as your cable provider.
    4. The message "If you are a Cox subscriber, click HERE to log in." 
    5. Once you click "HERE" to log in, you will be routed to a Cox page. Enter your Cox primary user ID and password and click "sign in."
    6. You will be routed back to and should now have access to watch all online content.
    If you continue to have problems, feel free to post here or send us an email at You might also try clearing /deleting your internet browser's history, temporary internet files, and cookies. 
  • If you are still having a problem might want to call and make sure you are using the primary email account.  I did same thing and found out what I thought was (the one I use all the time ) wasn't the primary.

  • Not working here in Vegas using Windows 7, Mac OS 10.7.x, IE 8 or 9, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari with open security settings and accepting ALL cookies. It just keeps going back to the Cox homepage and not logging in.