Will contour 2 DVR recording times ever be fixed?

With the original Contour I could choose from a few minutes to 6 hours extra DVR recording time. With COntour 2 you basically made any thing over 30 minutes obsolete. I have a certain sport that I watch that can go over by more than 3 hours. I set the record to live show, and almost every time, it stops hours before the live event is over, and more often 5-10 minutes just before its over.

Contour 2 was supposed to be superior to the original, it's not. Slower load times, Lag, stutter during normal TV play, DVR recording times are terrible (features removed). Still unable to watch my DVR shows on anything but a rented cable box.

  • Hello, with Contour 2, you do have the ability to start a recording early or extend the end time in which the recording ends. For live events, the options are 30, 60, or 90 minutes late. Recordings of some live sports events will be extended automatically for overtime or extra innings. I have submitted feedback to our back-office team who handles Contour 2 feature requests and enhancements. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator