Contour pixelation

Having issues with the TV picture pixelated randomly. Notice my internet speed goes to the 3mbps to 20mbps for download speed at the same time I have the picture issue. Jitter jumps from 1ms to anywhere from 50 to 300. I subscribe to the 300mbps package. Normally I get 150-200 over WiFi .

Called Cox a few times in the last couple if weeks. They sent out a tech. He went to the street and took some readings. Recommended a new line from the street to my house be installed. That was done five days ago. 

Problems are still happening. Worst part is it's random and affects both TV and internet. I called Cox again this evening and the customer service rep said she had a bad SR reading. I could be mistaken with the name. They are sending a tech out tomorrow. 

I'd like to get this fixed and was wondering if anyone else had this problem and got it solved. Maybe someone has an idea I can pass on to the tech. I don't want to just have the tech give me new boxes to try.