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Contour Box - Tips and Tricks. The instruction manual is very brief.

The previous DVR (Scientific Atlanta HD box) allowed you to record only First Run shows on that channel. Is that feature gone in Contour?  I only see the option to record all shows which will mean re-runs.

Can you jump forward 15 minutes like the previous box? I don't see that feature.

The box from 5 years ago offered frame-by-frame slow motion. The subsequent box offered slow motion but not frame-by-frame. What does Contour offer and how do you access slow motion?

When i record 2 back-to-back shows on the same channel, they show up in my DVR LIST with a blue icon (folder?) at the left of the show title. If i record one show, there is a yellow (orange?) dot to the left of the title.  What is the blue icon?

The DVR LIST does not show the time of the recording or the date recorded. On the previous box, it was easy to know what show you had recorded.

When you click the Delete button, the show is not always highlited. It is hard to determine which show to delete and which i am keeping. One time a saw a dash (-) to the left of the current show.  Is there a better way?

Can we use this thread or start a new one where users can post tips and tricks to getting the most from Contour. The current manual is very brief. Is there an online manual?