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Why can't I filter my guide to only show channels included in my subscription?

I would really like to find a way to do this, would make browsing the guide a lot less cluttered and easier to navigate. 

Is this possible? And please don't tell me just to set it to my favorites...the thing is that I don't even know what all channels I get, it's pretty hit-and-miss, hence the need for a "Show All Subscribed" view like I used to have with Dish Network. 

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  • I would like Cox to provide the option to filter my guide to just channels included in my subscription, too.   But there is a workaround.  Rather than select only channels you want to see by selecting favorites, you may turn off channels you don't want to see listed.

    Select: Settings > Channels > Set Skipped Channels

    Follow onscreen instructions to skip channels you don't want to appear in the guide or to be selected when pressing Up or Down channel selection.  It requires a bit of effort up-front, but you should only have to do it once.

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