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One America News channel

Interested in having OAN One America news channel available. Other area providers have it so why not Cox?

  • I switched to Cox from AT&T Uverse last May.  AT&T had OANN as one of several news channels in their basic tier but Cox doesn't have much interest in adding it so I'll go back to AT&T in May.  You would think it they got enough people asking for a channel, they might add it.  I guess we haven't reached that threshold yet so the only alternative is to revert.

  • Hi Carolynmd, we are always looking at new channels to add. In order for us to add new channels, we must have arrangements with the national content programmers and local broadcasters to transmit their content. We'd be delighted to submit a request on your behalf. If you're interested, please send this feedback over to our team at, to get started. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator