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Why are there always some HD channels off the air ?

Why are there always some HD channels off the air ?  Only random HD channels. I pay for HD channels, but there are HD channels off the air all the time. 

I'll accept a discount on my bill from now on. We only pay for what we get in this house. I'm sure you understand.

And don't try to give me the tech support runaround trying to tire me out so I'll just go away. I'm well versed in Cox Communications' unethical tactics.

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  • I had a similar issue with HD channels not displaying last year when using my mini digital box.    It turned out to be signal loss in the house that was causing it.   Cox install a powered signal booster and that helped.  Signal loss can be caused by the coax splitters in the house and poor connectors.    Cox did eventually come to the house again and analyze the signal as it comes into the house and found that my coax outside the house had been damaged by the contractor that installed new siding on the house.   Cox replaced that cabling and my signal loss issue was solved.   Didn’t even need the powered signal booster anymore.  

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