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Cable Box Freezes - Constantly

This has been a COX issues for years.  I have one cable box that I reboot almost daily.  You sent out a technician and stated it was a low signal strength - but we all know it's these cranky boxes.  Whatever he did only made it worse and now it freezes all the time!

What is the BUG?  and do you have a long term solution?

Tired of FREEZE - it was crashing all the time with ON DEMAND and has gotten a lot better in the past 4 years.

  • It sounds like there may certainly still be a box or signal issue causing the problems you're experiencing.  If you would like to you could exchange the box at a local service center or speak with your local technical support about having a technician come out and troubleshoot further.

  • It is very frustrating for us.  We have one high def DVR in the living room that had been having daily problems.  The problems continued despite having the cable box replaced by a new one.

    Masochists or hope springs eternal, we bought a high def TV for the bedroom and got another cable box and in 4 days we have to reboot so many times.  The technology and level of service is unacceptable.   The last time I called it in, the rep on the other end of the phone checked signal over their end and said the signal was "OK" but he sees a lot of disruption in their screen (whatever that meant) that it warranted sending a technician over.  The following day, the tech came, checked the living room box, called me in my cell phone (as I was at work and my dad was at home to receive him) to say that the box was working and asked me what the problem was.  I had to explain that he was sent there because the rep I spoke with over the phone the other day did a test and saw something in there - too technical for me to repeat, I would have thought they would speak the same language.  #!, wouldn't the reason for the call be in their service ticket and #2, the tech did not even know there was a 2nd cable box he was supposed to check.  Despite that visit, we are still having problems with the cable box.   Going over the "Guide" key and flipping through HD and regular channels seem to trigger the gray screens and/or blackouts.

    These ongoing issues are coming in the heels of the phone messaging debacle that Cox did not disclose, we found out about it by (a) trying to access it and getting the "server not available"  (b) coming to the forums to read about numerous similar complaints and (c) much later reading about it in the North County Times. 

    Is this a firmware issue with the boxes? We always have to do a reboot in order for the boxes to recover.

    Watching movies on On Demand paying $4.99 for HD movies are hit-and-miss, the picture breaks a lot, like tiles.

    We really tried to be patient but when we're getting charged decent amount of money for the service we are not getting, it becomes tiring.  We have been with Cox since 2003 for cable, phone and internet, but AT&T is starting to look good right now, especially that we have all our Apple data plans with them.

  • We have this problem, as well.  It's only with one box.  The HD box in the living room works fine.  The standard def box in the bedroom is horrible.  I have had technicians out several times.  When it was originally set up at this house, the technician who came out said the connections were bad due to subgrade materials (we're in a rental).  Instead of running new cables from the main box, he just set it up anyway.  His excuse was that the cables probably ran through the attic, and he was prohibited from going up there due to the heat.  (They don't run through the attic at all.  They run around the outside of the house, just under the eaves.)  A couple months later, I called them out to try to get it fixed.  They wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars to fix the cables.  I told them to forget it.  When I called them a third time, they came out and ran new cables around the outside of the house--which could have been done when it was initially installed.  Now, over a year later, we're having problems with that box/connection again.  I'm at the point where I'm starting to think about satellite again, because this is ridiculous.

  • Check Channel 1999- FDC score on there Cox says acceptable range is -10 to +10 

    My last on-site tech swapped the two feeds into my home at the outside box.  I was getting 75% juice to the dedicated Internet run and 25% to rest of house (three TV's one with new Cisco HDC-3weeks old).  After removing two amplifier devices and he swapped around that connection all was cool until I turned on the main tv at 4:40pm yesterday 3/27.  All channels below 1020 except for three were blank. After following the automated system through a reset and up to the "Lets try to find the power cord", it took 15 minutes for Cox to answer the phone, they were having a serious computer problem at Cox corporate and they could only field calls using their scripts.  They could not look at my problem or log my call, so I went ahead and unplugged the DVR box and all channels returned.  I am very close to going satellite after all of this crap.. 

  • I don't know if this is the same problem you are referring to but when we switch from hd to  regular channels or vice versa, there is a lag of as much as 5 minutes where we have nothing but a blank screen.  The cable box does not power off using the remote.  Yesterday I called tech services and received the most absurd answer:  since I use HDMI to connect the box to the tv, the HDMI is delivering the signal faster than the tv can process it.  She suggested I use component cables instead.  If they didn't know the answer, they should have told me.  We recently moved into the Cox area and we have had their service for three months.  I have had satellite and cable (Comcast) in other areas.  They at least made an attempt to provide some service.