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URC 7820 remote, how to make it work on other TV functions like "Settings, INPUT, MENU, etc."

The best I can do is get this remote to work with volume and channel up/down.   Its a bit useless

if you need to change the INPUT like HDMI for a game box, or the antenna input for a over the air antenna.

I still have to reach for the TV remote.    Would anyone know if this remote can access other functions of a TV?

My TV is a Vizio E370VP



  • Hello,  thank for the reply however the unlock feature freeing the remote from the cablebox allowing for channel entry

    was the only thing that worked.  I need the MENU, SETTINGS and the LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN arrows to work

    for the TV allowing me to change the settings in the TV as for example changing the HDMI input, switching to

    the coax antenna input, etc.


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