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Why No Billing Credits for Frequent and Constant Outages?

Almost every night, usually after 10:00 PM, I land on one or more channels that shows nothing but black (well, really the equivalent of NTSC 7.5 IRE "black", something true digital, rather than clumsy MPEG-2 digitization of old style analog, does not need and should not show), but has a full guide and info banners.  When I log in to my account to reset my cable TV signal, I often see "outage in your area" with  resolution times 12, 14, 18 hours later.   Sometime there is no "outage" alert.  On those occasions sometimes a reset (an 8+ minute operation) does the trick (by which time I may have missed the critical portion of a program I was watching) and sometimes it makes no difference and I have to wait 12 to 24 hours to get the feed for affected channels back.

Now, Cox is forever telling me how much more reliable they are than satellite TV, yet their actual performance is way less.  When I ask aquaintences about their experiences with channels "dropping out" like this, most tell me it has never happened.  One or two in the Southeast tell me the lost it once or twice in hurricanes, but never individual channels, and never with the frequency of problems we have with Cox.

For landline telephone, if ever I lost any time of service availability, I would get a bill credit.

I pay for 24-7 access to my contracted channels from Cox.  Even the ones I consider "disgusting filth" like the shopping and religious channels (worship of two unforgiving Gods).  Yet, despite being denied access for hours on end to several channels to which I subscribe (including premiums like HBO) due to Cox meddling / problems, let alone the poor signal quality (MPEG blockiness /moire artifacts, stutter frames, a/v freezing for 10 sec to over 2 min at a time...) I get no credit on my bill for the time (likely 20 - 30 channel-hours per month) that I cannot view content for which I am supposed to pay.  This is a clear sign of a monopoly which needs to be broken.

Agitate with your Santa Barbara County representative to reneg Cox monopoly grant: allow optical (FIOS UVerse) competition and request a new provider of cable services for southern Santa Barbara County that can provide more reliable service at more reasonable prices with better customer service and less customer abuse.

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  • "Technical Support" was about blaming "stupid users", getting them off the line, out of the queue, out of the company's hair because it was cheaper than dealing with the REAL problem.

    This really seems to sum up much of Cox's technical support in practice... at least at a corporate level.  I have a history of attempting to hash out issues mostly with peripheral internet features and get the sense that, while some of the Cox support may sincerely want to render service, they are kept as much in the dark as customers; functioning as placebo buttons at best and more cynically, as up selling agents whose job is to find any reason to dispatch service personnel as a pretext to charge the service fee.

    The cable industry as a whole is composed of a very few companies and since we are to regard corporations as people (with human rights), those companies are little more than self-entitled, condescending bullies.  This refers to the companies themselves and not necessarily the people working for them. 

    I'm an internet and phone customer- having cut the TV cord years ago- after learning that my limited basic package rate included money to be paid to professional sports.  The approach to internet issues reflects the very same mind set.  The problem is that cable companies in general are not beholding to a customer base that would have any choice, but to whomever grants them exclusive access to given area.  Until that business model can be changed things are not going to improve for us.