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DVR Auto-extending regular season Soccer Matches--why?

Why do regular season soccer leagues have auto-extend when recording them and how do I turn this off? I am a fan of the Premier League (shown on NBCSN) and the Bundesliga (shown on FoxSports). They both play most Saturday and Sunday mornings. I have a Contour 2 DVR. I like to record the matches to watch later in the day, but am unable to record as many as I should be able to because of auto-extend. I am not the one setting the matches to extend by using the manual extend function that I am asked every time I set a recording. Instead, Cox programming automatically extends these matches. I am told this is a "just in case" feature for sports that might go longer than their scheduled times so people still get the end of the game even if they forgot to manually extend. I understand the feature for football and baseball games. However, these soccer regular season matches NEVER go longer than the 2 hours they are scheduled because draws/ties are ACCEPTABLE RESULTS. I have called about this problem multiple times in the last two years, and have been told it is my box or that I should upgrade to a bigger DVR. I should not have to pay more when the fix to this is a simple programming move. However, I am never able to talk to anyone who has the ability to reprogram this. Before anyone tells me they do this for all sports, I watched the World Cup this past summer, and recorded every match. I had to manually extend every match in the knock-out round to be able to see the extra-time, as they were not auto-extended. I would like someone who actually follows soccer to be part of this programming, as they would be able to fix this. It just does not make any sense. Who can I talk to about getting this fixed?

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