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Whole home dvr / cisco 8742

We've only been customers for 2 weeks and have had nothing but problems with our whole home dvr system and the cisco 8742 and 4742 boxes.  We've called in twice to get things corrected, but neither time anything was accomplished.  Now we are having a tech come out to replace the home box.  At least that's what I've been told.  Each of the boxes (1 home and 2 client) have the same issues.  We are only able to record one program at a time.  When we try to record a 2nd program, it shows it is being recorded, but never shows up on the dvr list.  So basically it never records the 2nd program.  That's issue #1.

Issue #2 is the that the pause and rewind of live programs doesn't work.  And yes I've gone into settings and changed the dvr to allow pausing.  Still doesn't work.  So our whole home dvr system is nothing more than 1 recorded show and not having the ability to pause or rewind.  Kind of sounds like the old vcr in the closet that we haven't used in 5 years.  Glad I switched from Direct TV.  I'm hoping things get fixed this week, or we'll have to make the move back.  

  • Hmm, pulling up the equipment associated with your profile, the tuner in one of your clients is returning invalid downstream and SNR readings and both of the two tuners in your host are returning good downstream but invalid SNR readings.

    That usually means one (or possibly more than one) of three conditions are happening. 1, the WHDVR network is out of sync, 2, there's a signal problem in the house, or 3, those tuners have gone bad.

    The only thing we can recommend is to check all cable connections, then power-cycle all the receivers, starting with the host. If things don't return to normal after that, then we'd have to place a service call.