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Introducing Contour, the new personal video experience

Cox is introducing a new, personal TV experience - Contour. Contour is TV that perfectly fits you, at home and on the go. It includes the new Contour app for iPad with an intuitive interface that serves up content to watch at home or anywhere. On TV you'll experience the Contour guide, that learns the shows you like and recommends new shows you're likely to love. Contour also offers the Record 6 DVR that lets you record up to six shows at one time, and store 1000. Contour is the personalized TV experience you've been waiting for. Learn more at or stop by a Cox Solutions Store today.

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  • Several weeks into Contour for me (I signed up right at initial release) and it's been a frustrating experience. The concept is solid, but performance is very poor. Here are some details:

    iPad app -  It's graphically wonderful and easy to navigate. Kudos here. Unfortunately it lacks features, like recording entire seasons, playback of recorded shows, and the ability to turn off the background video (or audio at least). Unless you watch shows on the iPad itself, it's basically used as a glorified remote with annoying audio when you're trying to watch your television (So I now turn sound off on the iPad). Also, I've found that it's quite buggy, and freezes/hangs/crashes often. As of now, I'm restarting the app daily, and I have to wait for the guide to cache the listings before scrolling -just to be able to use it.

    Cisco box - Its certainly smaller than the Scientific Atlanta it replaced. The remote is dated but works. Pausing live video is a joke.  More often than not, it doesn't work...  giving an error message instead. When it does work, pressing pause has a long delay before finally stopping. Try that on your favorite football game. Playback is good, but there's no feature on the remote to skip forward 30sec, like most other DVR systems can do. It's great for skipping commercials. When watching recorded programs, the system REGULARLY crashes, and says to try again in a few minutes or call support. Waiting on hold for 45+ minutes gets infuriating.

    It retrospect, I'm very unimpressed with Contour, and wish I hadn't been talked into paying Cox for the privilege of beta testing their new service.

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