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ROVI boxes being retired

My 77 yo mother started having issues with one of her TVs a few days ago, so I came over and rebooted the box as I have had to do in the past. No success after three tries so I took the box out for her, and she took it to the local Cox store Friday. She called me at work , and I talked to a Rep at the store that said she would need to change all of her boxes from the Rovi boxes to the Contour ones. He also said she should have received two notices about this impending change,.....she did not get ANY, as she always saves these things for me, so this caught me totally by surprise.

First off, why is it that the Rovi boxes are no longer available, and second, how do I 'activate' the three new boxes after I change them out tomorrow. I'm afraid of taking all the TVs out, instead of just the one that is down now. We were told that all three boxes would need to be switched over at the same time, not just the one that started this whole thing. We were also told that all of the Rovi boxes would cease to work at all by the end of the year if we didn't swap them. Any info is appreciated.


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  • Sadly, we are stuck with Contour. I loved the ease of Rovi and like the use of Contour on my iPad. But Contour is not user friendly (stop and slow motion)) and capturing a program in the middle and still watch from the beginning. 

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