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Contour 2 Power Preferences

Looking at the power preferences on my contour 2 box (HD, not dvr) it says I can instantly power down the box by pressing the all power button on my remote. When I tried it, it only powers down my tv and soundbar. Even unpairing the remote and putting it back in IR mode doesn't power down the box. What can I do to power down all my devices at once including the cable box as the old boxes used to power off was well.

Also, is it possible to downgrade to contour 1 as the box also powers off with the tv?

  • Hi MoodyPing, the function of the Power and ALL POWER buttons on Contour 2 remotes varies between host and client receivers. A Contour 2 receiver that is powered down is actually in Power Save mode. Learn more about the power settings for Contour 2 receivers at I believe downgrading to Contour 1 is an option at this time. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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