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Wi-Fi thermostat interferes with digital cable

OK this is gonna sound crazy but my background is 20 years in the service industry for HVAC so that being said we have a Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat installed or HVAC system when and only when the thermostat calls for cool our digital signal starts pixelating like it interferes with it. I’ve tried 4 different thermostats relocated it the same thing I jump the wire with bubypassing the thermostat and it doesn’t it going I’m going over to his

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  • Are you sure it's the Wifi signal and not interference caused by HVAC system turning on? For example, does it happen if you turn the HVAC off, but keep the thermostat on? Or maybe try manually turning the system to Cool, without the thermostat, and see if the problem occurs.

    Wifi works on either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, so in theory, they shouldn't interfere with the cable signal which is below 1Ghz, and more like 200-300Mhz. Does any of the coaxial in your house run over or near the HVAC? My first gut reaction when someone says they get interference when turning on the AC is from the AC's compressor.  There is a good thread on it over on, which go into solutions if you find it is the compressor. Main point is to improve and isolate electrical ground from the coaxial demarc ground.

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