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Is Antenna TV available on cable in R.I. ?

Its offered on channel 810 COX in CT. but I don't see it listed in R.I.  

Any chance of adding it.  Its a free over the air channel for those that can recevie

WTIC in Hartford, CT.


  • Maybe I am ignorant on how OTA works, but wouldn't the station have to be in the same state for Cox to rebroadcast? I thought it was a license or agreement thing. I notice the two states also get very different sports channels, even though they are only 1 state apart. 

  • Antenna TV is offered in many Sates.   Their websites ask you contact your cable company about carrying the channel.

    The delivery method could be via satellite similar to how many channels are made available to cable.  I wouldn't be

    surprised if Internet is another way cable companies could get access to programming for their cable service.

  • Antenna TV is offered in many Sates.

    Yes, because it is broadcast OTA in many states. What I am asking is a cable company allowed to rebroadcast over state lines? For all I know it could be, just wondering if anyone can show a link as fact.

  • Hi KenKK, We can submit a channel request on your behalf. Please send us an email at with your full name and street address. Mary F. Cox Support Forums Moderator