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When TV first turned on, does not buffer until pause pushed. Rewind does not work so I am constantly missing information. Okay after pause.

When TV first turned on, does not buffer rendering rewind useless.  Miss critical information.  Okay after pause.  Additionally, with countour 2, when I want to record a program that I have been watching for 30 minutes, recording starts at the time that record is pressed.  The whole program IS NOT recorded.  This was not the way contour 1 worked.  Would actually like to go back to countour 1 if possible.

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  • they  told me the reasons were that cox had made changes so so much buffering (memory) not being used. 

    Not sure what you mean by that. I have heard of problem with client boxes caching to host DVR. Usually the problem is the sync key or the MoCA signal. Do you have problem scheduling recordings? How about when you do record them? Do they come out clear without any tiling?

    First thing I would try is resetting all the boxes and then have someone look at them all with the tool called "Home Certification". This should tell them about the signal getting to the boxes and between the boxes. 

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