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When TV first turned on, does not buffer until pause pushed. Rewind does not work so I am constantly missing information. Okay after pause.

When TV first turned on, does not buffer rendering rewind useless.  Miss critical information.  Okay after pause.  Additionally, with countour 2, when I want to record a program that I have been watching for 30 minutes, recording starts at the time that record is pressed.  The whole program IS NOT recorded.  This was not the way contour 1 worked.  Would actually like to go back to countour 1 if possible.

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  • Are you using a main DVR with smaller client boxes for whole home? Or multiple DVR in each room? If whole home, I would thing there is something wrong with the MoCA connection between the client and main host box. If not, I would think there is something wrong with the HD in the box. 

    As for recording, could you turn the box off before recording? I know with the old DVRs you could press the "Swap" button on the remote, and it would switch which tuner was outputing the picture and which was feeding the DVR, this resetting the cache. I know the new remotes don't have the same button, but I wonder if turning the box off/on would have the same effect if the buffer doesn't work on launch. Turn one problem into another problems solution maybe?