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I'm having trouble with my Mom's cable.  She is 95 and I'm not sure what she does or how this happens.   I find "Protected By.....(that can end differently on some channels) on with a dark screen on stations I know are in her basic package.  It even comes up on Channel 4 which is the startup for cable.   Any ideas.   When she gets that she seems unable to move forward.  I've refreshed the cable box, etc.   Even called for assistance and no work was being done in the area.

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  • It even comes up on Channel 4 which is the startup for cable

    I think the problem is the V-Chip is enabled and is seeing the modulated signal (on CH 3/4 when coaxial) as a actual channel, but since it doesn't have a rating, is blocking it. My guess is it has been enabled the whole time but only happens sometimes when the TV turns on. 

    I would suggest finding the TV remote (not Cox) and going into the menu and disable all Parental controls or V-chip features. If you can't, try unplugging the power from the TV for 24+ hr (which should reset settings to default on old TVs) and see if that fixes it. If you disable it, and later find it enabled, check if any of the buttons on the Cox remote accidentally enable it. Do this by pressing all the buttons (power last) while pointing the Cox remote at the TV.

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