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Must reset cable boxes every day

Every time I turn on the Contour boxes, if I change the channel, the box will not connect. In order to get the channel, I have to power cycle the box. This is on every single box, indicating to me that the software is the problem. I already have the boxes set to reboot every day, so that isn't the problem. Please check the software, or go back one. The current software version (85.0.1) isn't cutting it.


  • I literally came on to see if this is a problem for anyone.  EVERY SINGLE DAY, when i turn my entertainment center on, the TV is frozen on the last channel that was on prior to turning it off.  The audio on the current channel is working yet the picture is frozen.  I have to pull the power every day.   I have had cox out to look and they blamed the receiver.  I switched the countour 2 box to another input in the receiver and same issue.  I have tried 3 different boxes and all pose same issue.  I don't know what to do.   Granted, pulling the power daily isn't the end of the world, but it should not be that way.  Any ideas?  

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