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billing for netflix

can someone put in a request that cox bills netflix on our bill if we want too something i like to be able to do also youtube and pandora  apps as well the reason i like to see netflix billed is if you you your debit card and no money you can not use netflix but when its on the bill its paid when you pay the cable bill sometimes i forget netflix why i do not know they bill me on and off payday then i have no Netflix 

thank you

may not help but just asking 

  • Are you asking for Cox to pay for your Netflix subscription? If so, why you are at it, can you get them to pay my electric bill too? XD If not, it could be because I can't understand your post. You didn't use one single mark of punctuation, making it difficult to understand. Could you please correct?

  • Hi Sbm1971,

    Netflix billing through Cox will soon be available to some Contour 2 customers. Stay tuned for more details and the launch announcement!

  • Really? Why? Anyone that wants Netflix would have already had a subscription by now. Also, Netflix and ANY streaming service through Contour is going to be absolutely garbage IMO. Contour runs on cable boxes, which have low power CPU designed for basic stuff like the guide UI, not process heavy video decoding. Save yourself the trouble and buy a Roku, or better yet a Chromecast and stream from your PC. 

    PS. Does Streaming Netflix on a cable box count against your same data cap? 

  • All content viewed through the Netflix app on your Contour 2 receiver is streamed over the internet and counts toward your data usage.

  • Thanks for the answer. Having it not count against the cap was the only reason I could think of to make the feature useful. Why pay Cox for Netflix when you can watch Netflix, either using the Netflix app or Contour app, just by paying Netflix? I wouldn't want my Netflix to stop if I had to move out of the Cox service area. I assume Cox is going to get a cut of any subscription for Netflix made through them?