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Cox On Demand is down for all Tivo Users- same issue as in 2017, server issue again

Search here for  "Cox On Demand is down for all Tivo Users Nation wide"

You will see that this thread from the same time last year is closed.

It has been a year ,  issue is happening again  Same error  V205

Last time the issue was on Cox Cables end and they needed to reboot the server and reload the On Demand list.

This time it looks to be corrupted the list only shows 2 channels from each Aplhabet Range.

The Error message says called Cox.   Tivo Tech support said this is a Cox issue.

Could we please get Cox to do the same fix they did a year ago?  I think you rebooted the server and forced the On Demand Catalog to re Synch.

Many are having this issue.

  • ScotChez, it appears our problems are the only ones Cox admins don't have answers for...have you heard anything? The Olympics only last two weeks - and all that material is inaccessible
  • ScottChez,

    There's a known issue with On Demand in your area which is impacting multiple customers, not just TiVo subscribers. Teams are engaged and working to resolve the trouble.

  • Hi ScottChez,

    Can you please post a picture/screenshot of the folder list? If you encounter any problems posting the picture, please send an email to us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • Same thing is happening to me on a TiVo premier. It is very frustrating. On demand works fine from the Cox contour box I have, but not on the TiVo with a cable card &tuning adapter.

  • For most it is the Thousands of Tivo Users trying to use Cox on Demand

    There are a few normal Cox DVR users with the issue.  Just search the many threads here on the issue

    Here is the old Thread from a year ago with the solution.  We need to Cox to Reboot their servers and re synch the One Demand Catalog please