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Outdoor Samsung TV / Amazon Fire stick streaming Cox??

Hello All,

I have a Samsung smart tv outdoors as well as an Amazon FireStick.  Is there anyway I can stream my current Cox service that I pay for without using the actual cable??  The tv has wireless built in and i see a ton of apps for comcast/direct tv and other providers.  

Thanks for your help.  

  • PeteKA98,

    At this time, the Contour app is not available on the Firestick nor any smart TVs as well. Some of the channels that you watch may have apps available to view on your TV though. Please check the smart hub for available apps that you can download.

  • You may not be able to stream from a router but you could wirelessly transmit your Cox service from a cable box.  You'd connect a Wireless HDMI kit to your cable box.

    Your cable box would be inside your house and connected to a transmitter while your TV would be outside connected to a receiver.

    There are plenty of articles describing the technology...just search wireless HDMI kit.  The 5 GHz versions look the best.

  • Thanks for the replies even though I wished their would have been something that Cox provided.  Are they looking looking to make the countour app available in the near future?

  • Contour is actually a product of Comcast.  It's the Comcast X1 platform and Cox signed a licensing deal to rebrand it as Contour 2.  If X1 has an app, Contour could also have the just depends what was in the deal.

    Cox not using the app may be an issue with service support.  If there is a technical glitch, Cox might not be able to tinker with its coding to fix it.  To resolve a glitch, Cox would have to pay Comcast to fix it.  Cox is just saving some heartache and cash by not using the app.