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Cox Remote Code Finder

I need to replace my Cox remote control.  The buttons within the center of the remote are becoming unresponsive and it takes a lot of pressure to activate them.  A lot of pressure.

To plan for the replacement, I'm trying to research the codes for my television on the URCSupport webpage.  However, that too is unresponsive.

On the webpage; I can enter my provider (Cox Communications), select my remote (Cox URC8820) and click CODE FINDER.  The page then automatically scrolls to the REMOTE CONTROL SETUP section.  However, it's just a gray box with a red border.  I can't click within it, there's no interaction with it and I don't know what info it wants.  I assume it wants the make/model of my TV but there's no place to enter it.

Granted...I've using a less-advanced, 32-bit browser but my less-advanced browser is up-to-date:  Firefox ESR (52.6.0).  I've accepted cookies and disabled add-ons...but nothing happens.

Can a moderator research ALL possible codes for the following?

 - Cable Box:  Cisco Explorer 4642HDC (CSH4642)
 - Remote Control:  Cox URC8820
 - TV:  Panasonic TC-P50ST50