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Contour 2 Remote issue

I have had the new contour 2 for over 6 months & it's been great but the last 2 nights the response time of pressing any buttons on the remote has taken over a minute to respond at times. I thought it was the batteries since the remote said 30% power left but that didn't help. Even after daily updates & reboots it still happens, I rebooted again & it seemed fine until the next night. everything I was doing on there fast forward, deleting, exiting the recordings section, reminds me of the issues I had until we got are cable wires fixed last summer & on the old contour.
  • Eventually, the box responds executing all of the commands entered previously.It has happened again tonight.

  • thecat18,

    When do you see the Contour 2 receiver response start to slow, or be slow after a particular action, or viewing an App, On Demand, or playback? Like you've found, I suggest unplugging the receiver power for 20 seconds and allow the receiver to reset when you see the receiver slow to respond to remote commands.

  • It happens when doing anything, especially playing a rec. in the dvr.  I did reboot both nights in a row, last night I unpaired & paired the remote again but only got to test it for a min. I will let u know if it is better.  Maybe when my battery level was low & I got the warning saying voice comm. wouldn't work it did something to the remote or when I changed the batteries.  just a thought.

  • thecat18,

    Please let us know if this works for you. If you need to reach back out to us, we are available 24/7.

  • Well it happened on the 2nd of our 3 boxes again but since rebooting them they seem ok so far.