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Cable Boxes (2) keep rebooting daily

For a week now, and I have 2 cable boxes, the boxes reboot by themselves for no apparent reason while watching. I live in Destin, FL and on our local web site, other COX users are reporting the same issues. It seems like the boxes are receiving or downloading software at the only stays down for a few minutes (no signal) and then will come back on by itself after running through the algorithms (Technicolor, receiving interactive programs, etc).....I do not have Contour, just basic cable channels.....oppps, there it goes again......I called C/S Tech support and they said (Level 1) they he could NOT see inside my box or the history of the reboots (why)....I just want a solution and Destin, FL is having this issue. what is the problem (s)....Can you help? anyone?