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Free Movies/Netflix

How do you turn off the Netflix feature?

Every time we search for a free movie in on-demand it comes up that you need a Netflix subscription. It's obviously not a free movie if I need to pay for a Netflix subscription. It gets really aggravating when you just want to watch a free movie and every thing needs a subscription to pay extra after I'm already spending over $200 per month. Either make it a feature you can turn off on your DVR or get rid of the feature.

  • @tcompound

    When trying to access on-demand just select it and not Netflix.

  • Not all on demand titles are free. If you're not currently, for instance, a subscriber to HBO you'll have to pay to view their content. You're not denied or shut out, the choice is still yours, but it will require payment. It depends on which particular 'package' you're part of.

    Our residential Cox deal has pretty much all the premium channels yet while searching the "You May Also Like" actors/actresses in a cast list I find quite a few shows/movies where the only option to watch is either buy or rent. As I'm also a Netflix subscriber *some* of those truly *are* free should I choose to view them using Netflix.

  • I agree with .  Before the Netflix integration,  I could go to free movies on demand.  Then I would apply the filter "Free Movies for Me".  That always gave me a list of movies that I could watch and they were all FREE to ME.  It didn't show me movies on networks that I didn't subscribe too and couldn't watch without paying.  Now that Netflix has been integrated, using that same filter shows me 4,000 some odd movies.  95% of which are on Netflix which I do not subscribe to.  If I'm going to pay for Netflix then I have no need for Cox in my opinion.  I'll just add Hulu to the mix and drop Cox Cable TV altogether.

  •   Let me know when you get a good response to the question per what is truly "free"... we too are tired of filtering for "free" only and seeing 4K+ to pick from which are not truly free. Why anyone would choose to pay for COX & NETFLIX is beyond us...

  • I detest the forced promotion of the Netflix service on my Cox television service. I don't pay for Cox every month so I can have my rights and privacy violated with intrusive demands that I pay for an unaffiliated media service by Netflix. I find this whole Netflix promotion to be extremely unethical, seedy and shady. Firstly, all the movies on Netflix can just as easily be broadcast as Cox movies. Why is there this intrusive, almost panicky demand by Cox to manipulate existing Cox customers to sign up for a paid service with Netflix? I didn't ask for Netflix service to be sold to me on my existing Cox service. Secondly, it is not a free service. It is a paid promotion that forces you to give Netflix all of your personal information and credit card number so they can start charging you as soon as the 30 day promotion is over. Why on earth is Cox subjecting consumers who are already being forced to pay for skyrocketing price increases for internet and cable service by Cox (they gave no warning that they were raising internet prices another $15.00 per month for the same service) to the intrusive violation of our privacy by forcing us to give out our personal information, banking information and credit card numbers to a totally different company - Netflix - just to watch what is being advertised as a "free" movie service. I find this to be outrageous and deceptive. I have been a Cox customer for 19 years and I have never seen Cox engage in this type of unethical practice to lure customers into paying for a completely unaffiliated media service. Why isn't the service being charged to the existing Cox billing service? Why are Cox customers being forced to disclose all of their personal financial information to a non-Cox media company and there are no guarantees by Cox that the personal information and financial information/Credit card information is secure with Netflix. An advertised free service is required by law to be a free service in accordance with FTC regulations. As a registered Cox Customer for 19 years, I should NOT be forced to have Netflix intermixed with every single movie section selection and demanding that I give out all of my private banking information to Netflix in order to access an advertised "free" service on Cox. I also find it appalling that Cox won't even put usable apps on the Contour 2 device which I also pay for with the Contour 2 device and the monthly DVR service, but Cox had no problem putting a foreign company app for Netflix on the Device service apps section. There is coming a point where Cox is going to push it one too many times with constant unannounced price hikes that only serve to enrich the corporate executives and investers, and hidden fees and data breaches and I'm going to declare, "Enough of this," and dump all my services with Cox and look for a better deal without all the manipulation like this Netflix garbage and with a company that actually respects me as a loyal customer.