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Online TV/Contour prohibits screen mirroring?


  I was having difficulty with my normal laptop so I decided to watch my Cox online TV from my Apple 6 phone. I picked the channel and started the stream then decided I wanted to see the picture bigger, so I enabled screen mirroring to my Apple TV that is connected to my living room Apple TV, but as soon as the mirroring started the Contour app stopped playback insisting that I was "recording content". WTHeck? I was not recording anything, I merely wanted to mirror the screen so I could enjoy the program on my bigger screen. 

Please advise how to tell the app that I'm not stealing programming and that I just want to watch what I've paid for. 

  • Smash591,

    Screen mirroring is not a supported feature within the Contour app. It may be possible to use the network app for this purpose instead.