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Contour 2 spontaneously starts recording

I swapped out my ailing Motorola DVR device for a Contour 2 + satellite unit a few weeks ago and am generally happy with it but more than once the Contour unit has decided to spontaneously start recording programs.   It's recording them on channels I would ordinarily never watch.   When this happens, I go to the Saved menu, cancel the recording in progress and the future recordings.   All is fine for a few days and then it decides to start recording something again.   Is this a known issue?   I tried recording a program just to see what was involved and it requires at least a few on-screen acknowledgements so I know this isn't happening because I accidentally pressed the record button.

  • @WaitingToRetire

    Please check schedule/series recording and see if it list anything and delete it other then what you may have already scheduled.

  • Jonathan:  When this happens, I go into the Contour menu and select Saved.   I delete anything under Recordings and Scheduled.   RIght now, under Recordings the device says "You have no recordings yet" and under Scheduled it says "You have nothing scheduled to record in the next 14 days."

    Nobody in the household is consciously recording or scheduling to record programs.


  • @ WaitingToRetire

    Do you have more than one cable box and does anyone else have access to the cox connect app that allows you to schedule recordings?

  • Jonathan:  The only other cable box is the satellite box attached to my other TV.  I'm the only person who uses that TV and I *know* I haven't tried to schedule any recordings (if it can even be done from the satellite box).   Two of us (me & roommate) use the other TV which has the Contour 2 box.   I don't know what the Cox Connect app is (smartphone?) but nobody is using that.

    The symptoms are as if another Cox customer is scheduling programs and for some reason they're being scheduled on my box.   


  • Go to the scheduled screen, hit the down button and then up and to the right until Series Priority is highlighted, click OK. This should bring up a list of all scheduled series recordings. Do you see anything under here that you or the other person in your home has not scheduled? If so, this would be where the recordings are coming from. It may be a box that a different customer may have used previously and the settings were not wiped clean before we put the box back into our inventory. If that is the case, you can search for the titles that arent yours and then cancel those recordings so that they no longer record. Brian Cox Support Forum Moderator