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Showtime Anytime

HBO GO is a great service.  We're Showtime subscribers, also and would like to know if Cox plans to offer that service and, if so, when.

  • I haven't heard anything yet but I'll make sure your request gets counted.

  • I would like to add my name to the list of people requesting this service. As a valued customer and someone who pays Cox extra to be able to use Showtime I believe this should include all the perks Showtime has to offer. 

  • daniv2310,
    I'd be happy to submit your request. What city and state are you in? 

  • I am a long time subscriber to Cox in Phoenix, AZ and I am wondering why Showtime Anytime is not available to us?

    Is there a legal or contractual issue with Cox?  Does Direct TV or other providers have it available?

    I see it advertised here in AZ as part of the Showtime package but it is impossible to log-in to it here.

    When we were on vacation it would have been nice to use our laptop to watch some of the programs we regularly watch and we were really disappointed.

    My wife and I want to make a request that this feature of Showtime be made available as soon as possible.

  • Since you brought it up yes, there is a legal issue that needs to be addressed.  We require legal consent from the network to make this content available to our subscribers which requires a contract and fee be agreed upon.  We have to weigh the volume of customer demand against the fees being requested by the network when determining which content will bring additional value to our services.