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Contour 2 won't record from the beginning of a show

I have Cox Contour 2  (XG1-A)  and am frustrated by the inability to record a partially watched show from the beginning.


I started watching a show from the beginning of the show,   Some time into the show, say 15 minutes, I decide to record it.   I backup to the beginning and press record.  The recording starts at the 15 minute point and records to the end.  

Why is this?  The beginning of the show is obviously still on the hard drive.:( 

  • The Contour 2 system does not have a built-in buffer to record already viewed content like previous cable boxes do.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your speedy reply.   However, I'm still confused.  In the steps I take,  I have already backed up the video to the beginning of the show, so when I press record, I am watching the opening of the show I wish to record.   So I know the first 15 minutes (in my example) are on the HD.



  • You would have to press record as soon as you go to the channel, it does not work the same as previous boxes where it would let you record the content that you have watched since you tuned to the channel (that is the buffer part that I was referring to).

    Cox Support Forum Moderator