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Tivo and Cable Cards

Does anyone know anyone at cox who actually has an IDea about Cable Cards and Tivo ? I had an Install last thursday and
after 3 hrs at my house the tech gave up, so i called Cable support who after some trouble shooting told me the Card is bad,
so i went to my Local Cox Store to get a new card, to be safe i got 3 cards. Tried with Remote tech all 3. Still no Luck. Friday
a new tech comes trys the cards again and some new ones no luck. He opens ticket with tier 3 and that's where i am stuck.
Its now 4 days later and all i get is lip service on when and if it will be resolved. Paying for a service i cant use and know one
knows whats going on. If the problem is that cards are still associated with other systems, one would think that COX would
make sure that any card returned to inventory is clean and working


  • if they all failed I'd check the Tivo and make sure the cable card slot is working

  • ClueLess - What Andrew said.  I've got three Tivos with Cox, all are working, although I had to swap out a tuning adapter that went bad recently.  I'm assuming you also have a tuning adapter.

    Call TiVo technical support and ask for a cable card specialist.  They can have you check the TiVo diagnostic screens and determine if there is a problem with the TiVo.  Of my three TiVo boxes, I did get a defective one and TiVo had to swap it out.  I'm assuming your box is still under warranty.  

  • ClueLessCox,

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  • My TIVO began complaining about not communicating with the tuning adaptor on Thursday. I switched to a new tuning adaptor on Friday, but nothing changed. After many calls to tech support, an upper level support person said the identifiers for the cable card and tuning adaptor were not correct, and they were mis-matched. The problem persists.

    However, other TIVO users might like to know that they can watch anything, uninterrupted, by recording the channel then watching from the recording. That's how we watched the bedlam game. Also, streaming is not effected from sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

  • TIVO Support, I'm guessing you're in OKC?  Me too, and I had the exact same problem starting Thursday evening.  Phone support was no help.  I tried a new tuning adapter from the Cox store to no avail and ended up with technicians out on Saturday.  They tried a new cable card (couldn't get it activated) and another new tuning adapter.  The techs said they rarely get calls on these but that day there were 15.  My problem is still unresolved today (Sunday).  The tuning adapter does a long blink, pause, then a sequence of two blinks and a pause.  Repeat ad nauseam. 

    This sounds like a Cox problem.