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New York Ranger games being blacked out in CT now -no MSG on cable package=no way to watch Rangers

I have had the NHL Center Ice package for over 15 years living in central Connecticut. The New York Ranger games have NEVER been blacked out and now this year they are.

Cox does not offer MSG network in our area (we have every other sports channel that services our area but not that Madison Square Garden network) so now I cannot watch Ranger games (nor can I watch them at NHL.TV since they are blacked out there too). What is going on??? Why the change and can we please get MSG added to the Sports Tier if this situation persists. Very frustrating

  • @imp

    Cox has no control of what the networks choose to air.

  • Imp - do a search on "NHL blackout detector" where you can enter your zip code to determine what NHL team(s) are blacked out in your area.  I would think if the Rangers are blacked out, then the Islanders and Devils would also be blacked out. If they are, in fact, now blacked out, then you can press Cox to add MSG in your area.  Good luck.

    The tv areas for each team is determined by the NHL.  Cox, nor any of the cable systems, can control that.