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program blackout

Does anyone know why the Anaheim Ducks hockey games are being blocked from Las Vegas Cox subscribers on Fox Sports West and Fox Sports Primeticket? I can't get an answer from anyone.

  • The Las Vegas market is no longer considered the "home" market for the Ducks or Kings - thus their games are no longer shown on channels 1049 or 1050.  The Golden Knights are the only NHL team with rights in Vegas and they signed a TV deal with AT&T Sportsnet Rocky Mountain, and their games are now on Cox 313SD/1313HD.  If you subscribe to NHL Center Ice, the Golden Knights games will be blacked out on Center Ice.

    In the past when Ducks and Kings games were on 1049/1050, they were blacked out on Center Ice.  Now they will be shown in the LV market on Center Ice. There was apparently confusion over the weekend about this, but as of ten minutes ago, the Calgary-Ducks game was on Center Ice tonight.  If you want to see the Ducks and/or Kings, you will need to subscribe to Center Ice or streaming equivalent.

  • @Mallomelt

    What's your zip code and the channel you're trying to view the game?

  • I had the same problem and called Cox and they said they were working on it, this was last Thursday. I tried to get NHL.TV but when I went to watch the game, it said it was blacked out due to being available to watch in the local market. Finally, I went to a local bar and watched the game on their Direct TV feed. I would watch on Center Ice but the picture (at least during the free preview) is terrible. I really don't want to switch cable companies but if it's the only way to watch the Ducks and Kings, I will.

  • DucksFan - Ducks and Kings games are on Center Ice in Las Vegas market tonight.  I have center ice and the HD picture on all 14 channels is fine at my home - if you're having picture problems on those channels, it may be a technical issue with the signal coming into your home.