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Contour 2 Caller ID - should it work or has it been removed?

My on-screen Caller ID stopped working a few weeks ago.  I finally got around to calling tech support yesterday.

The tech said that Caller ID feature has been removed.  Yet I read conflicting reports on these forums about that.

I would like to know if there is a problem with my box that I will pursue.

Or has the feature has been removed and I shouldn't waste my time.

So I have a very simple question: As of Oct 2, 1027, should Caller ID work on a Contour 2 box?

Ideally I'd like to get an official answer on this from Cox.


  • Same problem here.  I called tech support also.  He tried a few things but nothing fixed it.  He said he would forward to corporate tech support and I should get a call from them in 2 to 4 days.  That didn't happen. No call.

    Do we get some money off our bill?

  • I have Contour 2 in Phoenix and the caller ID pops up on the upper right side of the screen when someone calls me.  

  • I have been having the same problem for weeks.  Cox has to reset my acct and it will work for a few days.  Then it stops again.  I have to call again... repeat, repeat, repeat.  The caller id on the tv worked for years, then all of a sudden it stopped working. 

    Cox has no clue why it is doing it and they keep telling me they'll escalate it to Tier 2.  It will get fixed for a few days then goes out again.

    Cox really should figure out why so many people are having this issue and FIX IT.

    This has happened with the regular Cox Rovi box.  And now the Contour 2 box.  It's a Cox problem, not a box problem.

    I would LOVE for a Cox representative to respond to this thread and try to help us.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    I still haven't gotten the official word from Cox on the status of this feature, which is disappointing.

    What's really bothersome is not knowing.  I have had this caller ID problem and called in to tech support approx every 2 months over the past year.  Cox has fixed it each time, not by a reboot, but by "reprovisioning" my box (whatever that means).

    This is the first time I have called and the tech says the feature has been removed.  I seriously wonder if it really has been removed, or the tech really had no idea.  Maybe I just need to be "reprovisioned" again?  Sigh

  • Reprovisioning is to re-provide.  Re-provide is to provide service over again.

    When a service provider (Cox) issues you a box, you can't simply connect it and expect service.  Cox has to load your service information against the serial number of your box into their system.  This is provisioning.  Provisioning initially loads Basic Service and then it's modified with your additional services (Tier, Paks, Premium Channels, etc).

    Re-provisioning deletes your service information, modifications and serial number and then reloads.  Re-provisioning is an effort to either correct or update any of their service codes.

    When Cox either provisions or re-provisions a cable box, a T code (telephone) will pull data from their telephone system.  If configuration data in their telephone system changes...which is happening due to their "upgrade"...they have to re-provision your service to load those changes.  If Cox has to keep re-provisioning to correct your telephone service, something in their telephone system keeps changing...or the change has a glitch.

    Cox doesn't update customers on service outages because it's bad marketing.  It's better to run you through their rigmarole until its fixed.