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Contour for Apple TV

Where is Contour for AppleTV?  I have seen this question posted for over a year and the answer from Cox representatives is always the same - we don't have it and we'll let you know.  As an example, the TV Starter package in my area includes SpikeTV, which I found out is unusual.  I can watch Spike thru Contour on my iPhone or iPad, but the standalone SpikeTV app does not work and says I don't have a subscription.  Because Contour isn't availalbe for AppleTV, I can't watch Spike on AppleTV.  Contacted Cox and after some back and forth (including Cox trying to blame Spike), I was told my situation was unusual and there were no plans to fix it.

Get it together Cox!  Been a customer for over 25 years. Time to do something about this.  Don't want to hear the typical meaningless answer.  Get someone in development or management to respond with either an explanation or a date.  Thanks.

  • SBJohn,

    The entitlement to view the channel is based off the subscription service. For example, if you subscribe to TV Starter, you should have access to all the TV Starter channels when applicable. If you are not getting the channel, we can review the entitlements to confirm. Please email us at with the account details, your user name, and a link to this post.

    As far as the actual launch dates of new products and services, we are not given the dates as this information is proprietary information and only given to the team that is specifically working on that project. Customer service representatives are given the information the same time customer are notified in the statement.

  • Well, at least this is a new meaningless answer - it's proprietary!  When Apple announced their new AppleTV yesterday, they also announced it would soon support Amazon's streaming service.  This is what reminded me of the inability of Cox to release a compatible app and prompted me to challenge Cox on the forum.  Your response is just another failure to address the problem/question.

    In regards to getting access to Spike, I already wasted enough time on this - it doesn't work and Cox knows about it.  Instead of asking your customer to pursue this, why doesn't someone (like whoever gets this response) take the time and effort to find out what is going on?  The "you should have access to all the TV Starter channels when applicable" response is not helpful.  Of course I should have access!

    Again, both for me and on behalf of many of your customers, we want to know what the plans are to release a compatible app for AppleTV.  This is yet another reason Cox is losing customers.  Forward to management and try again. 

  • Hi SBJohn,

    We do not have any details to share regarding the addition of the Contour App to AppleTV at this time. If you like, we can send your feedback to our Product Development Team requesting the app be added to that platform.

    I went to and was able to login with my Cox ID without error. We'd be happy to troubleshoot this further with you. If you'd like proceed, please feel free to email us at with the info that Stephanie requested.

    Thank you,
  • I didn’t expect you or Stephanie (or whoever gets this response) to know the answer.  I’ve asked both times for someone to forward this to management or development – asking me if I want you to do this gives me the impression you didn’t read my post. Please forward this to development/management or the appropriate person/department at Cox. Hope that is clear enough.

    The only way to reproduce my Spike issue is to create an account that matches mine exactly (troubleshooting 101).  This means creating an account that has the TV Starter package from the Santa Barbara market.  After that try watching Spike thru Contour on any Apple device (except AppleTV!).  Then try installing the Spike app on the same device and try again.  Let me know the results.  Thanks.


  • SBJohn

    I'm sending an email to the department that may be able to assist with this problem that you're having with the Spike app. I've asked that department to please point me in the right direction if they cannot help me out. Please hang in there while I attempt to figure out why this is a problem. As soon as I hear back, I'll reach out to you here.

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