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Contour 2 & IR Remote

I just had a Cox tech out to swap my 5 Contour 1 (1 HD DVR and 4 HD boxes) for Contour 2.  All of my boxes are in a central server room and are controlled via IR XCVRs through a switch box in my home automation system (Savant.)  I was told none of the slave boxes have an IR interface now and I'd have to stay with Contour 1.  I find this hard to believe.  Any help welcome.  Thx

  • You were given the wrong answer.  Check out this previous thread for the correct answer:

  • Thanks. I saw this thread earlier today. The contour 1 boxes in my rack all have IR emitters affixed to the front. The Contour 2 boxes that the tech brought didn't appear to have a window for an IR detector so I don't know if there's a different slave box or ??
  • When you want answers about the Contour 2 system, don't go looking for answers that reference "Cox" or "Contour 2".  You won't find any.  Search for Comcast Xfinity since Countour 2 is just a licensed rebranded Xfinity rollout.  

    Try locating your box on this page:
    and it should show where to place the IR emitter.  

    The slave boxes I have are the Cisco XiD (model # CXD01ANI on the bottom) and the front looks like solid black plastic with no window for IR reception, but they work just fine with my IR only universal remote.

  • Hi Krhunter,

    I'm sorry for the misinformation that you were provided. Contour 2 host and client receivers each have an IR sensor on the front of the box.

  • [I'm on the phone with Cox and they're telling me that to enable the IR on the client boxes I need to disable RF. They won't support the install as they say it's a custom install. Does anyone know if switching is as simple as swapping the boxes and affixing the IR emitters in the correct location or do I need to deal with codes?. I know Cox will send out replacements and maybe it's better if I do it myself?