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Contour TV no caller id

I'm not sure why but with my Contour TV there is no TV Caller ID.  Anyone else have the same issue?

  • Hey Spencenvickie,

    Is this happening on all TV's in the home? Does the Caller ID on the phone work?
  • On Contour 2, I have caller ID visible on all TVs (upper right), but something has recently changed with the 'notifications' function and you can no longer pull up the caller ID history as in the past (both Contour 2, and non-Contour going to channel 1995 (or 199 something, can't recall).  This seems to have coincided with a late June/early July, 2017 firmware update when the left arrow on the remote used to bring up quick access to weather (and power saving),  now only brings up the notifications window and it's utterly useless -- I trust this was some sort of oversight as there is no value in that left arrow shortcut any longer .  PLEASE BRING BACK the left arrow to weather!!  Cox Support (after escalating) finally recognized this (late July) and indicated it was a known bug that was going to be fixed in an Aug update -- no such luck as of yet... 

  • Hello Lizardlick,

    We can share your interest in seeing this feature made available and will share your feedback in the notifications and shortcuts.

  • Thanks, Dustin -- As mentioned, I called Support when first noticed, and after a few escalations, they verified this was a feature that was erroneously removed with a late June/July update.  I trust there is ample QA and version control that can see when (and more so, why) this feature/shortcut was removed -- with no notice to consumers, and no hint of the (now worthless) Notification area in any of the help.

    Just another example of those making changes/decisions, not being intimately involved in the consumer user experience...

  • Hi Lizardlick,

    You can still access your call history using the Cox Connect app or via Phone Tools at Thanks for being a part of our Support Forums!