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Contour no longer understands A&E

We regularly used the voice feature of Contour to tune to channel A&E in the past. Starting sometime this week, Contour will no longer tune to A&E when we say A&E. The display shows that the unit has recognized that we said "A&E", but then it gives a list of shows that have the letters A and E in their title instead of moving to the A&E channel. This used to work correctly. Other channels still work correctly, but we haven't tested any other channel that has an & the name, if there is one.

  • Mardovar,

    I tested the voice command, & if you say the channel number for A&E, it will turn to A&E. I was unable to find any other "&" channels though to test the voice feature on.

  • I would say the number if I knew the number. Since I switched to Cox with Contour, I only say the channel names and never learned the numbers. I miss being able to say A&E.

  • @Mardovar

    Please check the link and add your zip code for channel list in your area.

  • I think you misunderstand. The Channel A&E is in the guide and is listed properly. If I ask about a show on A&E, I am given full information including the proper channel for A&E. The only problem is that if I say "A&E" and Contour shows it recognizes I said "A&E", it then shows me a list of programs that have both A and E in their titles instead of tuning to the A&E channel. While Contour recognizes and tunes to other stations, it no longer will tune to A&E when I say A&E.

    And yes, I can look at the guide or the channel listing and learn that A&E is 1037. My point is that with Contour I no longer needed to learn channel numbers and if I wanted to have to learn channel numbers, I would switch to Verizon where that ability is needed. I am reporting a bug that crept into Contour recently and was hoping that once reported, it would be fixed in the next release which I hope comes quickly.

  • Hi Mardovar,

    I've just duplicated your experience using one of the Contour 2 DVRs in the Call Center. I bet our DVRs hadn't yet received the latest update when Mark and Jonathan tested them last night. Saying "T N T" into the voice remote immediately changes the channel to TNT HD. Saying "A and E" brings up the "A" category of a general search window. I couldn't get the remote to recognize the voice commands "A and E channel" or "channel A and E." I'll get this reported to our Contour 2 team on your behalf. Thanks very much for letting us know!