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Contour: Flash compatibility issue

I don't use contour often. In fact I may have used it only once a few months ago, but now I'm unable to use it at all.

When I go the website it seems to not be able to detect my flash player, and states I need update to the latest version.

Per Adobe's site I have Flash Player (the latest version)

I'm using Chrome on a Win 10 pc, so flash player is automatically updated and enabled. None the less I verified this in the settings: "Allow flash player" is on, "Ask first" is off, and I even added to the "Allow" list.

I also tried using Microsoft Edge and got the same exact error.

I have no issues using either browser on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and various other streaming websites. I don't have any add blockers enabled.

Anyone have any suggestions I haven't tried yet?

  • I have the same exact issue.  I use contour to watch TV on my win10 laptop all the time.  It was working fine up until this morning.  Starting at around 11 AM when I went to the contour site, I got "Flash compatibility issue" message.  It happens on both Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  I rebooted my laptop, tried disabling and enabling Flash again.  Nothing works.  And yes, I too have the latest Flashed installed on my Win10 laptop.  Not sure what the deal is.  Cox gotta fix this.

  • Zetram and Pock,

    Are you using Windows 10 in desktop mode or tablet mode? Make sure you are in desktop mode. Also, JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled in your browser.

  • Desktop mode.  Java and cookies are both enabled already.  I found out that if you delete your cox cookies and clear browsing data, re-login to, it finally worked.

  • I'm having the same issue. Contour works on Firefox.  And this just started about a week ago. I use Contour daily.  I'm on Windows 7

  • @pock

    Thanks for updating us on the resolution.