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NBC Sports Live Extra agreement?

Starting in August, English Premier League soccer will be aired in the US through NBC's collection of networks.  A nice perk that they have is having all games available for viewing via an online service called NBC Sports Live Extra.  It's come to my attention that Cox is not one of the providers which has an agreement with NBC to make this available for their users. (

"If your TV provider isn’t one of the ones listed below that has an agreement with NBC Sports Live Extra — Comcast xFinity TV, Verizon FIOS, Cablevision or Suddenlink — you’ll need to contact them to urge them to add it before the season starts in August."

As Cox already carries the NBC Sports Network, Telemundo, and NBC free-to-air network I'm hoping that this issue will be something much more passable than whatever inaction there was to get beIN TV on board.

If this can't be rectified, I'm afraid there really won't be anything keeping me from going over to Verizon.  Frankly, positive customer service experience is the only thing keeping me loyal at this point.  So I hope there's some positive news on this.