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30 second skip on Contour 2

I just signed up to return to Cox for TV after about 4 years of DirecTV. DTV was pretty good but too often the hard drive would malfunction and I would either miss a portion of a recorded program because it would "freeze" or massive pixelation would occur during playback that made it un-watchable.

One great feature the DTV Genie has is 30 second SKIP or SLIP, which for those who have used this feature know how nice the feature is, well most anyway. I have a friend who works as an IT guy at Cox who was given a Contour 2 to take for a test drive for a few weeks and he told me the C2 does have a 30 skip feature, but another friend of mine who has the C2 told me his does not. My friend from Cox says the feature has to be activated but forgot how.

Can anyone here confirm this feature and give details on how to activate it?

Thanks in advance. 

  • I can't find anything official, but I think perhaps skip works in two ways, normal way (GUI) and hidden way (middleware). The normal software for Contour has 2x, 4x, 6x,and 8x and 15min skip. However the box itself has a 30sec skip command built in, just no access via the UI or normal remote commands. With trio, you could remap the skip key to 00173, with Motorola its 01376. but the new contour software will respond to any remote sending the "ChapterPrev" command.

    So it has it, but only with special configuration. Would love to see what a moderator says.

  • Reply not necessary. I got the remote sequence from one of my friends who has the C2.

    In case anyone is interested, here's what you do to activate the 30 sec skip feature for the C2.

    UPDATE 2: The Xfinity X1 cable box remote control XR2 can be programmed, but it requires completely different steps. These steps will program a 30-second forward skip into the Page UP button:

    1. Press the EXIT button three times in a row.
    2. Type in 0030 with the number keys.
    3. To return the button to the default 5-minute button, follow the same steps, but enter 0500 instead (the 4-digit code is the skip time in seconds).

  • Thank you for the solution. I don't have cable myself, but I was looking everywhere online for a answer. I found everything but the C2 settings listed above. thanks!

  • I don't yet have my C2, with install scheduled for this Friday, so I have no way of verifying this.

    I'm disappointed though that in order to get 30 sec skip you have to lose 5 min skip. But I can't help wonder if, based on the process of configuring the skip button from 5 mins or 30 secs, if you can program it to skip whatever time amount you choose. That would be nice. I used to have a media player (Sage TV) that had 2 skip buttons that you could program to skip whatever time amount you wanted. You could have one 43 secs and one 12 mins, or whatever you choose. An easy task for any programmer. I'm certain the C2 is capable, it's just a matter of if Cox cares.