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!063 MSNBC Missing

I can no longer tune into HD vchannel for MSNBC, only the standard def version in Phoenix AZ, I rebooted my TiVo and rebooted my tuning adapter- I still cant tune 1063 (or 112, or 1067...) HBO and my other channels work fine....

  • Becky or another Cox rep could you look into this issue please, and get a expected resolution time.

    This should be a known issue, I cannot believe it has not been fixed yet.

    There are numerous parts of Peoria, Glendale, even Laveen, were the SDV Tuning Adapters are not working,  It is pretty wide spread in the Phoenix area.

    Discussions Here:

    When I called Cox this morning for my relatives in Glendale, Cox said they were aware of the Tuning Adapter outages, and had techs working the issue.

    I am not affected in SE Phoenix, I am on a different cable plant.

  • I have been having a similar problem also in Phoenix (85023). I am missing the vast majority of my channels on my cablecard box. Cox phone support rebooted the TA and reset the cable card and it didn't do anything. Something is seriously wrong!

  • I am having the same issue.  The tech who came today wasn't well trained in cable cards or tuning adapters and left with the tuning adapter box blinking and not working.  I've reported the issue in dslreports and avs but Bryan said we should post it here as well.  In Peoria, 85345.

  • I also seen issues at my parents in Anthem (85086) and my Sister's place near 20th St and Bell (85022)... I am not sure if my parents was resolved... at one time it was but I think it went back to not authorized/no server for SDV.

    A couple of weeks ago I had issues that also included the STBs but they seemed to freeze up, reboot and then SDV worked again and I was able to get the TA authorized for a couple more days.

  • I have spent several frustrating hours on the phone with the cable card department and had some frustrated techs at my house for 3 hours. Have been missing channels since yesterday (Weds) morning. I'm told people will call back, but nobody does. Running 6 Tivos with CC and TAs. In Laveen, near 51st Ave and Southern.