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On Demand channels not working

For the last week,  my on demand channels have not been working, I can look at my options, but when I go to play it, I get a error.... Your movie cannot be accessed at this time....  What is the problem?

  • I have been having issues since the recent software upgrade. Press On Demand and I get "Loading...Please wait." Or then I get the error message. When it has been working there is a lot of latency going through the menus.

    They should change the name from "On Demand" to something else because it certainly is not "On Demand".

  • Same problem last night & tonight.  After pausing our movie last night, it wouldn't resume.  Called Cox & they removed the charge for that movie + they're sending us a coupon for 2 free movies.  Doesn't help us now, but hopefully they'll work out the glitches.

  • It look like you're having some signal level problems with all of the equipment in your home.  It may be time to arrange for a technician to come out and troubleshoot further.

  • I have been haveing the same problem for 3 months, 4 techs have come out (2 this week) but still no on demand.  what gives? Wtf cox this is **!!!!

  • Are you having the issue with all boxes in your home?