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I have a DVD Player. I had a digital cable box installed. I was told that my DVD player would work with it. Stupid me...did not try to use it till months later. It is not Cox's equipment. It is not their problem. I understand the box must be hooked up to the VCR and VCR to the TV. How does it work with the channel 3 or 4 issue as both channels are used by a broadcasted station? I would pay Cox to install the VCR correctly but they do not porvide service for this.

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  • The cable box is a Motorola DCH3200. The TV is Toshiba 37E200U. The DVD player is Sylvania SSD800. Theere are  9 Input selections on the Tv. It is set on colorstream HD to work with the cable box. The other inputs are ANT/CABLE, video 1, video 2, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, HDMI 4, and PC. The present connection from DVD player to TV is ANT-IN which connects thru the cabinet tthen to the TV. I am thinking that connect is for use with just basic cable where you set  the TV on channel 3 or 4. Am I wrong on that? The DVR does not record...only records on VHS. So recording is not an issue. The Cox cable tech told us we could NOT record,,,that was OK with us. If we are not recording, I thought the VCR player would not need to be connected to the cable box. That is why I connected audio and video lines from the DVD player to TV...thinking I could set input on TV to video 1 or 2 to view DVD''s from the DVD player. Now I am thinking...that is input  for an extra monitor.

    If I do not need to connect the DVD player to cable box, I would rather go that route. With the DVD player not be HD will any of these input selctions work? I need to know EXACTLY what cables I need and what are the EXACT output and input connections are. I heard the word S-video...That is GREEK to me.

    Thanks. I hope I gave you enough info which makes sense,,,so you can direct me as how to connect the DVD player to work.



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