NASA TV Channel, even if only for August

NASA TV Channel, even if only for August

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On August 5th, 25 days from now, the Mars Science Laboratory will be landing on Mars. See

I would like to be able to watch the proceedings at JPL on NASA TV, ideally the HD feed. Is it possible to add NASA TV back to the lineup for Phoenix (and elsewhere, I suppose) even if only temporarily for August? NASA TV used to be in the lineup several years ago.

Adding it as a Switched Digital channel (SDV) would suffice.

I know I can watch it online from the NASA streaming feed (and mirrors), but that is poor resolution and during other 'blockbuster' events such as launches it is useless due to over-subscription. I expect it to be unwatchable again for the MSL landing event.

Thank you.

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  • Posted by mike007
    12 Jul 2012 7:03 AM

    FrankAZ you can request a channel using this page. 

  • Posted by FrankAZ
    12 Jul 2012 1:29 PM

    Thanks - I did that yesterday as well as starting this thread. As expected I quickly received a canned response which only peripherally touched on the subject. The usual 'Go Away and don't bother us' wrapped in polite language. I'm sure the question never got any further than someone trying to clear their inbox.

    I wanted to establish this thread to see if a groundswell of support (OK, a ripple of support) would emerge.

    Thanks for the reply.