PHX area selective HD issues

PHX area selective HD issues

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This question is still unresolved
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Both the local. CBS and ABC HD channels are DOA  typical reference code is when we switch over to them.

Online chat with Cox tech support just reset/reboot the DVR twice with no resolution, despite me requesting 3 resets before I even contacted them.

All other HD channels are rock solid, SD  CBS/ABC work  it who wants SD 

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  • Posted by JonathanJ
    10 Jan 2018 8:23 PM

    Is the cable box sharing the same coax cable coming from the wall with a splitter?
    If so are you able to bypass the splitter?

    Jonathan J
    Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • Posted by Scrabo
    10 Jan 2018 10:09 PM

    No splitter.  Surely if it was the coax then all channels would have an issue, not just a selective 2, CBS and ABC

  • Posted by DeeJ1
    11 Jan 2018 12:26 AM

    Hi Scrabo,

    We can look into this for you, send us a private message with your full address and name so we can see if there is an issue in your area with those 2 HD channels. You can send this account information to, thank you.

    Dee J.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • Posted by Sholbk
    14 Jan 2018 2:53 PM

    We are having the same problem with CBS.  We are thinking of switching back to Dish.

  • Posted by Allan
    14 Jan 2018 7:02 PM


    Please send us an email with your full address to so we can help.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

  • Posted by BigDub
    15 Jan 2018 9:40 AM

    Same problem here.  If I were able to total the amount of time we cannot use the tv due to pixelation and sound interruptions, Error codes, Loading please wait messages, etc. and have my bill prorated. I would be spending a quarter of what I pay monthly for this worthless service.  We too have had every cable, splitter, street connection, etc replaced, all boxes replaced, etc.  and the final result is we are not receiving the services for which we pay each and every month.  And Cox seems to have a very laid back approach to it, and doesn’t care about lost business.  Soon we will be cutting the cord and just going entirely app based as a result.  This is ridiculously unacceptable and borders on theft in that we are paying for contracted services that are not being provided.

  • Posted by JonathanJ
    15 Jan 2018 6:56 PM

    We like to take a closer look please send full address and the primary name of the account holder to

    Jonathan J
    Cox Support Forums Moderator