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I just had a Cox tech out to swap my 5 Contour 1 (1 HD DVR and 4 HD boxes) for Contour 2.  All of my boxes are in a central server room and are controlled via IR XCVRs through a switch box in my home automation system (Savant.)  I was told none of the slave boxes have an IR interface now and I'd have to stay with Contour 1.  I find this hard to believe.  Any help welcome.  Thx

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  • Posted by jchasen
    10 Sep 2017 1:22 PM

    You were given the wrong answer.  Check out this previous thread for the correct answer:

  • Posted by krhunter
    10 Sep 2017 4:06 PM
    Thanks. I saw this thread earlier today. The contour 1 boxes in my rack all have IR emitters affixed to the front. The Contour 2 boxes that the tech brought didn't appear to have a window for an IR detector so I don't know if there's a different slave box or ??
  • Posted by jchasen
    10 Sep 2017 6:10 PM

    When you want answers about the Contour 2 system, don't go looking for answers that reference "Cox" or "Contour 2".  You won't find any.  Search for Comcast Xfinity since Countour 2 is just a licensed rebranded Xfinity rollout.  

    Try locating your box on this page:
    and it should show where to place the IR emitter.  

    The slave boxes I have are the Cisco XiD (model # CXD01ANI on the bottom) and the front looks like solid black plastic with no window for IR reception, but they work just fine with my IR only universal remote.

  • Posted by Becky
    11 Sep 2017 8:09 AM
    Hi Krhunter,

    I'm sorry for the misinformation that you were provided. Contour 2 host and client receivers each have an IR sensor on the front of the box.

    Becky K.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • Posted by krhunter
    11 Sep 2017 1:05 PM
    [I'm on the phone with Cox and they're telling me that to enable the IR on the client boxes I need to disable RF. They won't support the install as they say it's a custom install. Does anyone know if switching is as simple as swapping the boxes and affixing the IR emitters in the correct location or do I need to deal with codes?. I know Cox will send out replacements and maybe it's better if I do it myself?
  • Posted by jchasen
    11 Sep 2017 1:42 PM

    Wrong again!  You do not need to disable RF to use IR. You can simultaneously use their provided remote with RF while using your own system for IR control.  If you are using a universal remote you will need to reprogram it for controlling the new boxes.. Contour 2 boxes use a completely different set of IR commands than Contour 1 boxes.  Do not try to use codes labeled for use with Cox.  They won't work.  Look for codes that were designed for Comcast Xfinity cable boxes and they will work.  Then you just have to play around until you find the most effective spot to attach your emitters.  If you have any problems setting up your system and want to google for answers, search using "Comcast Xfinity" instead of "Cox Contour" and you will likely find the answers you want.  

  • Posted by Slingbox with Cisco CXD01ANI
    18 Sep 2017 12:59 AM
    I just had the same thing happen to me when upgrading to Contour 2. The Cox Tech told me that Cisco XiD (Model CXD01ANI) only support RF not IR. Now, my Slingbox is cannot do online remote control due to its only has IR capability.
  • Posted by krhunter
    18 Sep 2017 9:48 AM

    Cox has now changed their story with me. They now say that the boxes do support IR, but that is not a standard install and they won't support it. So despite Cox installing 5 boxes in my equipment room in house 3 years ago, I know have to pay a third party (my home automation installer) $350 to swap out the garbage Contour1 boxes.