Bridging a network over the coax line

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I have a DVR and a HD receiver with Whole Home service. The only problem is that my wife wants to redecorate and that will involve moving a server away from my router.

Now to the question: Both the DVR and the receiver have an unused ethernet port. Does anyone know if I can use these ports as a bridge to the MoCA network that is used for the whole home and also does anybody know of MoCA equipment that is compatible?


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  • Posted by c0t0d0s0
    26 Jul 2013 9:10 PM
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    Well that is short sighted. Since I didn't hear back from anybody I decided to test it myself and it seems to work. The only catch is that the cable box has to be turned on to bridge the network connection.

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  • Posted by StephanieA
    21 Aug 2013 3:12 PM

    Hi c0t0d0s0,

    I apologized for the delay. I'm glad you were able to test the setup and find a solution. This will definitely help someone else in the community in the furture. Smile

    Stephanie A
    Cox Support Forum Moderator